Introduction to Cage aquaculture

Records of growing fish in cages date back to the 1800’s in Asia. Small efforts have been made all over East Africa to hold fish in cages at very low densities and feed them various homemade diets.

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  • Uganda
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About this training

In this training we are going to cover cage fish culture which is the raising of fish in containments enclosed on all sides and bottom with mesh material that secures the fish inside while allowing relatively free water exchange with the surrounding environment. 

What you will learn

  • Before you start
  • Low Volume High Density
  • Economic value of cage culture
  • Marketing
  • Permits required for cage



Reviews 4 / 5

  • M
    Margaret Aanyu
    senior research officer
    national agricultural research organisation, aquaculture research and development center-kajjansi
    There is need for guidance on cost-benefit analysis, what size of fish is appropriate to stock in cages, proper fish husbandry in cages, guidance on floating vs sinking feeds in cage fish culture, minimising potential negative effects of cage aquaculture
  • A
    Information Communication Officer
    Include the suitable sites/ areas for cage fish farming on the various water bodies
  • Win 20160621 15 36 33 pro
    Denis Opio
    Fish Nutritionist
    NaFIRRI/ARDC Kajjansi
    Cage culture demands use of the best quality feed possible