Harvesting fish in ponds

The objective of the activities of fish harvesting, is to effectively and efficiently accomplish the task with the minimum amount of stress to the fish. So that the fish reaches the market while still fresh.

Languages: English
  • Uganda
  • 7,000/=
    $ 1.94

About this training

This training involves activities of best recommended ways to Harvest fish in ponds.

What you will learn

  • Before you start
  • Harvesting fish



Reviews 3 / 5

  • D
    Dorothy Birungi
    Research Officer/Socio-Economics
    Any videos for the lay man to follow and understand?
  • M
    Margaret Aanyu
    senior research officer
    national agricultural research organisation, aquaculture research and development center-kajjansi
    the cost of training appears high! 100,000 shs
  • Photo on 7 2 15 at 12.05 pm  2
    John Walakira
    Senior Research Scientist
    National Fisheries Resources Research Institute
    Procedures are too wordy. Update the pictures
  • A
    Information Communication Officer
    They need to add pictorials to some course contents to explain further especially in the area of fish handling, harvesting and value addition
  • Win 20160621 15 36 33 pro
    Denis Opio
    Fish Nutritionist
    NaFIRRI/ARDC Kajjansi
    Attention: Fish are delicate!