Feeds and Feeding Fish

The objective of feeding fish is one to improve the yield. Feeding fish increases growth of fish and it increases survival.

Languages: English
  • Uganda
  • 29,000/=
    $ 8.06

About this training

In this training we shall look at the different fish feeds and how to feed fish in a commercial farm in order to maximise profits.

What you will learn

  • Before you start
  • Feed Quality
  • Nutritional Requirements of Fish
  • Physical Attributes of Fish Feed
  • Importance of Using good quality Feed
  • How to feed Fish Correctly
  • How to Select a good Feed
  • How to Calculate daily Feed rate
  • Factors that necessitate Adjusting daily feed rate
  • Importance of avoiding Overfeeding
  • Feeding Techniques
  • Feeding Frequency
  • How to Train Fish
  • When not to Feed Fish
  • How to Evaluate Performance of Feed
  • Factors that Affect FCR
  • Cost-Effectiveness of Feed
  • How to Handle and Store Feed



Reviews 3 / 5

  • D
    Dorothy Birungi
    Research Officer/Socio-Economics
    Any videos for the lay man to follow and understand?
  • M
    Margaret Aanyu
    senior research officer
    national agricultural research organisation, aquaculture research and development center-kajjansi
    the cost of training appears high! 100,000 shs
  • Photo on 7 2 15 at 12.05 pm  2
    John Walakira
    Senior Research Scientist
    National Fisheries Resources Research Institute
    Procedures are too wordy. Update the pictures
  • A
    Information Communication Officer
    They need to add pictorials to some course contents to explain further especially in the area of fish handling, harvesting and value addition
  • Win 20160621 15 36 33 pro
    Denis Opio
    Fish Nutritionist
    NaFIRRI/ARDC Kajjansi
    Attention: Fish are delicate!