How to Design and Construct a Fish pond

Pond design refers to the process of planning basic pond features and farm lay-out based on the site selected for pond construction. Pond Construction refers to the process of building a pond for purposes of culturing fish

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  • Uganda
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About this training

The pond is the foundation for success in pond fish production. It directly affects pond yields and returns because of its influence on the pond carrying capacity , Water quality and water volume control in the pond, and The number of fish that survive to harvest. So in this training module we will cover all the key aspects of pond Design and Construction.

What you will learn

  • Before you start
  • Pond sides or dikes
  • Inlet pipes
  • Outlet pipes
  • Water depth
  • Pond bottom
  • Harvesting basins
  • Freeboard height
  • Shape of ponds
  • Pond accessibility



Reviews 4 / 5

  • Win 20160621 15 36 33 pro
    Denis Opio
    Fish Nutritionist
    NaFIRRI/ARDC Kajjansi
    Good content (improvable) regarding ponds and cages. Tank culture is picking up in urban areas. Include content on management of treated water used in tank culture and waste management, in view of limitless space in these areas. Talk about aquaponics
  • G
    Gertrude Atukunda
    A wealth of information with good examples.
  • M
    Margaret Aanyu
    senior research officer
    national agricultural research organisation, aquaculture research and development center-kajjansi
    The management guidelines are taking a good direction. I notice they are mainly focusing on catfish. Please consider providing for Nile tilapia as well given that it is a key farmed species in Uganda and other East African countries
  • Photo on 7 2 15 at 12.05 pm  2
    John Walakira
    Senior Research Scientist
    National Fisheries Resources Research Institute
    Good. Some parts are wordy and some pictures need some explanations
  • A
    Information Communication Officer
    The information should be direct to the point and should be in bullet form.