How to Select Land for Pond Fish Farming

Pond site selection is very important in fish farming as it sets the tone for all activities required to convert the area if suitable into a fish farm.

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  • Uganda
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About this training

In this training you will learn how to select a good site for your pond, the factors that determine a good site for a fish pond. And also the things to lookout for during pond site selection.

What you will learn

  • Before you start
  • What are the physical aspects to consider?
  • What are those infrastructure that are necessary?
  • What are the social aspects to consider?



Reviews 4 / 5

  • L
    Lydia Vonnie Nakasiga
    water quality technician
    quite applicable
  • R
    Rose Basiita
    Senior Research Officer
    NARO- NaFIRRI, Kajjansi
    good content, pictures would drive the points even better!! e.g screening pond inlets
  • Win 20160621 15 36 33 pro
    Denis Opio
    Fish Nutritionist
    NaFIRRI/ARDC Kajjansi
    Thanks. I guess poor pond design is a major drawback, yet most of us take it for granted
  • M
    Margaret Aanyu
    senior research officer
    national agricultural research organisation, aquaculture research and development center-kajjansi
    This is a very informative module. It may be good to add information on pond liming. Why and when to lime the pond, recommended lime to use and how much to apply.
  • G
    Gertrude Atukunda
    Good but needs more information.
  • Photo on 7 2 15 at 12.05 pm  2
    John Walakira
    Senior Research Scientist
    National Fisheries Resources Research Institute
    Good. Include pictures (graphics) to make it more clear.
  • J
    Joseph Molnar
    Rural Sociologist
    Auburn University
    OK but wordy