oceng bonny

asked 12 months ago
Update me on the market of soya and connect me to a buyer

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1 Answer

    Hello Mr bonny, we have buyers of soya in this platform....to access them do the following

    1- Click on the Sell Button or menu and select produce

    2-You will be presented with a form,..fillout that form and click the create produce button

    3- You will Automatically be matched with all the Buyers of soya beans both locally and internationally

    4-You can then select your prefered buyer or buyers and Contact them directly


    The current prices of Soya beans in Owino Market:     Wholesale Ugx 3,000/kg,  Retail Ugx 3,200/kg

    For more price details in other markets click on the markets menu or button 

    or click this link http://agromarketday.com/markets/all

    answered 12 months ago