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Hi ,I am interested in a commercial sunflower production this year 2018 in august.I need your help and directions on how I overcome challenges involved. Thanks

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1 Answer

    Sunflower (Helianthus annum)


    New sunfola

    Medium maturing open pollinated variety. Having oil content of 35%. Seeds have soft seed coat. It matures in 100-110 days, yield potential 600-800Kg/acre. Susceptible to major diseases.


    Sowing guide for sunflower

    Seed rate

    (seed requirement)

    Sowing depth

    Plant spacing



    In Rows

    Plant to plant


    3cmis ideal in moist soil.


    30-50cm. Dropping 1 or 2 seeds per hill respectively



    Vegetable fat, animal feeds and organic fertilizer



    Pest and disease management

    Birds are major constraint in sunflower production. Rusty grain beetle, red flour beetle, saw toothed grain beetle are storage pests.

    What to do

    • Scare the birds a way from sunflower fields
    • Maintain good store hygiene
    • Inspect grain storage facilities regularly



    Stalk and head rot, leaf spots and downy mildews are common diseases in sunflower production

    What to do

    • Plant resistant varieties mainly hybrids
    • Use fungicidal sprays
    • Destroy crop residues and debris after harvest
    • Practice crop rotation


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