asked over 1 year ago
Has anyone here tried these ugachick fish feeds on fish in cages? How is their performance like? Do the fish grow and put on weight in time as expected? is the protein content and other ingrediennts sufficient for fish growth. a Honest response is welcome. Thank you
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  • Okello John Baptist
    over 1 year ago
    It is good I have had no problems.
  • Okwir
    over 1 year ago
    In terms of protein content Ugachick fish feed is okay at its price range, if proper management is done on the cage farm the feed performs well though not the best. The fish do grow well when proper feeding conditions are observed. If your management practices are very good you can opt for the imported feeds which cost more but offer best growth rates. But if management is NOT done well the imported feed can easily send the farm into serious LOSSES. Good luck.

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1 Answer


    Many farmers have used it and they’ve had good results. However for a better FCR one must at least be keen to the following

    1. On the Fish side
    • Stage of growth, fish size (weight), stock sizes etc
    1. On the Feed side
    • Feed type (powder or pellets), pellet sizes (1.5, 2.5, 4 etc), feeding rate and frequency, feeding response etc.  

    Also not forgetting the management issues like water quality mgt, proper stocking densities, proper pond or cage alignment or layout etc

    answered over 1 year ago