Nalugonda Justine

asked over 1 year ago
How long does harvesting take?
  • Isaac Omiat
    about 1 year ago
    This mostly depends on your market....But it is recommended that you first get the market first before starting to firm fish, this will help you sell your fish early..that the recommended size is 400g to start selling

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1 Answer

    Always longer than you think! Even the draining of a small 0.25-ha pond can take several hours. It is advisable to start draining the pond beforehand to allow more time to catch, clean, and package the fish the following day, and to get them to market that same day. This will ensure that the catch is fresh and that a better product is delivered. It is often better to harvest only partially, especially if time is limited. It is important to ensure that the remainder of the fish (those not harvested) have suitable living conditions (e.g. adequate oxygen, clean water, adequate space to prevent physical damage) to enable them to survive in good conditions until another harvest.

    answered over 1 year ago