Luka Rutahoire

asked over 1 year ago
What expertise do I need to undertake my own fish farming venture?

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1 Answer

    A spirit of hard work coupled with preparedness to undertake more than just fish farming itself.

    If you are going to call a mechanic every time your vehicle needs an oil change, or an electrician when you need to wire up a pump, rather go and become a desk-bound civil servant, as fish farming demands that one be a master at many trades.

    Be prepared to try to learn how plumbing works, dams are built, fish breed, and don’t depend on others to fix the daily problems associated with the lifestyle of a fish farmer.

    Like agriculture, it is generally an outdoor, healthy and exciting lifestyle that can lead to some frustration at times, but much work satisfaction and rewards as well.

    You will never be bored!


    answered over 1 year ago