Country: SouthAfrica
District: Cape Town City Municipality
Latitude: -33.923273
Longitude: 18.423801
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The Cape Town Market is one of the oldest and largest fresh produce markets in South Africa. Our market is over 50 years old and services over 5500 producers delivering fresh produce to our market agents, who in turn sell the fresh produce to over 8000 registered buyers. The Cape Town Market offers secure facilities: Our multiple cold rooms can store over 800 pallets of produce at temperatures optimized to maintain the cold chain Our banana ripening rooms hold up to 55,000 cartons of bananas at any given time Our commission-based market is unique and pioneering from an ownership perspective. Acquired in 2004 from the City of Cape Town, the Cape Town Market is the only privatized fresh produce market operating in the country and the first to include agents and buyers as shareholders. The market has a broad ownership base, with a 26% share of the business held by producers and market agents since 2007. With the introduction of service level agreements in 2010, the Cape Town Market was the first market in the world to sign service level agreements between a market and market agents. Our Customer Covenant reaffirms our commitment to our principle clients, the producers who supply their fresh produce to the Cape Town Market. Our produce buyers are equally important and range from large retail chains, wholesalers and food processors, to informal traders, hawkers and individuals. Our customers’ transactions are facilitated by a group of well-established market agents. We invite you to experience the facilities, professional service and large variety of fresh produce on offer at the Cape Town Market.


Commodity Price Units
Apples (Carton) R240.00 kg
Bananas (Banana Box) R100.00 kg
Avocado R60.00 Tray
Beetroot (Standard pocket)) R43.50 kg
Brocolli (Standard tray) R73.33 kg
Carrots (Standard pocket) R69.28 kg
Garlic (Box) R214.28 kg
Green Beans (Standard tray) R47.58 kg
Kiwi fruit (Standard tray) R31.97 kg
Mangoes Keitt (Standard tray) R48.31 kg
Mangoes Kent (Standard tray) R46.19 kg
Onions (Standard Pocket) R44.71 kg
Oranges (Standard pocket) R16.60 kg
Pineapples (Banana box) R50.18 kg
Spinach (Standard tray) R40.00 kg
Sweet Potatoes (Bag) R49.13 kg

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