Jambu Kristal ( Guava Crystal )

5 kg
Rp.20.000 per kg

Supply Ability

1 Tonnes, Weekly
Specification: Organic
Transportation: International shipping
Payment: Cash,Others
Delivery time:

Produce description

Crystal Guava

Rp.20,000 / kilogram

Accept large / small scale orders

Seedless | Crispy | Sweet

WhatsApp. 08112432789

1. Suitable for drinks
For those of you who like to tamper with food ingredients, you can use this guava crystal as a drink by blending it. In addition, it can also be created into a variety of menus using the basic ingredients of this guava crystal.
2. Good for diarrhea sufferers
Benefits of guava crystals have high fiber, and also guava crystals contain compounds called astringents. These astringent compounds turned out to be one of the actors that can kill the bacteria that cause diarrhea.
3. Prevents difficult bowel movements or constipation
Do you feel constipated, or is it difficult to defecate? If so, you should try to be diligent in consuming guava crystals. Crystal Guava has a high fiber content. With the high fiber owned by this guava Crystal, it is certainly constipation and difficult bowel movements that you experience completely, because one of the factors that cause constipation is the lack of fiber in the body.
4. Treating cough and flu
The benefits of crystal guava for health is very good for reducing lenders in the throat. In addition, the guava itself can also inhibit the activity of germs and microbes that cause coughing flu that you experience.

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