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Weed Round (20ltr drum)

Weed round 20l drum1

UGx 210,000/-

GENERAL INFORMATION WEED ROUND is a non-selective, non-residual and Systemic herbicide applied post-emergence of weeds. WEED ROUND has no herbicidal activity in the soil and is practically immobile in soil, It has no Pre-emergence activity MODE OF ACTION WEED ROUND functions by being absorbed through the foliage and is then translocated throughout the plant, causing chlorosis followed by necrosis. Visible effects occur within 4-7 days in perennial weeds ENVIRONMENTAL AND WILD-LIFE Harmful to fish. Do not contaminate ponds, waterways or ditches with chemicals or used containers. Practically non-toxic to bees. 480 SL does bio accumulate in mammalian, avian and aquatic species STORAGE AND DISPOSAL Keep out of reach of children, away from food, drinks and animal feedstuff. Store in original container and keep lids tightly closed. Store in a dry, well ventilated place at room temperature and away from direct sunlight. Formulation is classified as non-flammable and does not ignite spontaneously DIRECTIONS FOR USE Apply WEED ROUND post-emergence of weeds to be controlled. Water volume of 50-250 lit/ha generally give best results. WEED ROUND concentration should be minimum of 1% for annual weeds and 2% for perennial weeds. DOSAGE RATES: Annual Weeds 2.0 – 3.0 Lt/ha Perennial Weeds 3.0 – 10 Lt/ha Spot Treatment Use 2% solution (i.e 0.2Lt of product in 10 ltr of water) Aauatic weeds 1.0 – 1.5% Exact timimg, spraying practice, rate of application depend on local conditions. Consult your local extension agent COMPATIBILITY Combinations with foliage-absorbed herbicides such us paraquat, dalapon or other hormone type herbicide may modify or reduce the action of WEED ROUND. PACKAGES 1ltr bottle is 13,000 shs 5ltr bottle is 6,000 shs 20ltr drum is 210,000 shs
posted by:
Kagimu Paul
Nakivubo Place, Container Village, kampala

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